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2. Product information
2.1 Product name:
PCB type: HDI Alu HF Impedance Blind&Burried via FPC
2.2 File format / Software: Software version:
2.3 Layers:
2.4 PCB Material:
2.5 Min. Line width(mm):
2.6 Min. Line space(mm):
2.7 Min. hole diameter(mm):
2.9 PCB size(mm): X Number of PCBs in every set
  V-Cut depth(mm):
2.10 PCB thickness(mm): Tolerance(mm) ±
2.11Soldermask: Color:
2.12 Screen legend: Color:
Screen legend position:
Mark: UL Customer logo DaShunChang logo

Manufacturing date:

2.13 Surface finishing:
Beveling of G/F Yes No Beveling angle(degree) Beveling length(mm):
2.14 Via protection Based on PCB file Via solder mask
  In BGA area via solder mask
2.15 Impedance control Yes No Tolerance(ohm) ±
2.16 Lay-up requirements for multilayers:
2.17 Acceptance criteria:
3.0 Delivery time:
3.1 Quantity: pcs
set (in accordance with 2.9)
3.2 Delivery attachment Final QC report
E-Test report
Impedance test report
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4.2 PCB file upload
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