PCB Manufacturing Ranges

Layers 1 bis 20
Max. Manufacturing Size 640mm x 1100mm
Copper 0,5 Oz to 13 Oz
PCB thickness 2 Layers; 0,2mm bis 3,2mm
4 Layers 0,4mm bis 3,2mm
6 Layers 0,8mm bis 3,2mm
8 Layers 1,0mm bis 3,2mm
10 Layers 1,2mm bis 6,0mm
12 Layers 1,5mm bis 6,0mm
14 Layers 1,5mm bis 6,0mm
16 Layers 1,6mm bis 6,0mm
18 Layers 2,2mm bis 6,0mm
20 Layers 2,4mm bis 6,0mm
Min. Line Width and Space 3 mil / 3 mil
Min. Diameter of Hole 0,2 mm
Max. Aspect Ratio 8 / 1
Impedance Controll ± 10%
Surface Finishing HASL, bleifrei HASL, chem. gold, HASL + chem. golden finger, bleifei HASL+ chem. golden finger, Immersion Gold, Immersion Zinn, Immersion Silber, OSP
Material FR4, High TG170, Rogers, RCC
Special Process
Blind vias, Via in Pad, Controlled Depth Hole, Step Mounting Hole, Semi-plating Holes, Edge-Plating PCB, Metal Core PCB
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